How to match wallpaper with wallpaper

Combining wallpapers in the right way creates impressive rooms. The deliberate play with different optical textures, patterns and colours of the wallpapers ensures that patterned wallpapers blend with unit wallpapers or differently patterned wallpapers to create a coherent overall picture.

The idea of combining different wallpapers in one room may seem challenging at first. Here the rule is: if certain rules are followed, it is not that difficult. In this article, I show you some proven basic principles that create a good starting point for very inviting and visually perfect interiors.

Matching plain wallpapers with patterned wallpapers

Let's start with an elegant yet subtle combination: patterned wallpapers, even intensely patterned wallpapers, can be perfectly combined with plain wallpapers if the monochrome wallpaper picks up a shade of the pattern. To go with the Alfred wallpaper from BoråsTapeter, for example, I have picked out the Bror wallpaper from BoråsTapeter.

Example: Wallpaper Alfred and Wallpaper Bror


When combining plain wallpapers and patterned wallpapers, it is not always necessary to pick up the main colour tone of the wallpaper. In the next example, the plain wallpaper Linne by Sandberg picks up a lighter secondary shade from the striking floral wallpaper Ava by Sandberg.

Example: Ava wallpaper and Linne wallpaper


There is often a choice between several colour shades that can be combined with the patterned wallpaper. Majvillan's Rainbow Treasures wallpaper is also suitable for the Shades wallpaper from BoråsTapeter in two different colours.

Example: Rainbow Treasures wallpaper and Shades wallpaper


Combining pattern wallpapers with plain wallpapers from the same manufacturer ensures that the colour tones in both wallpapers match each other. Missoni Home goes one step further with its unit wallpapers: both the Cannete plain wallpaper and the Happy Zig Zag pattern wallpaper are characterised by a striking strié effect. Due to the identical optical structure, both can be combined very harmoniously.

Example: Cannete and Happy Zig Zag wallpaper


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Combining pattern wallpapers with different intensities

It is also possible to combine patterned wallpapers with patterned wallpapers. If you want to use several patterned wallpapers in the same room, you should make sure that the patterns have different scales and different intensities. For example, a small-scale, intense floral pattern can work well with a larger, geometric pattern.

In the example, the floral wallpaper Ava by Sandberg , which is characterised by a lively, botanical pattern, was combined with the clear, geometric grid pattern of the wallpaper Trellis by Sandberg. Due to their differences, the two wallpapers do not compete with each other but complement each other. In addition, similar colour values were used here: Both wallpapers are characterised by a Scandinavian, restrained colour scheme.

Example: Ava wallpaper and Trellis wallpaper


Combining expressive patterns with expressive patterns

Wallpapers with similarly expressive patterns can also be combined with each other. The design of the Assam Blossom and Chettinad wallpapers by Designers Guild was realised with a striking acrylic painting technique in both. This, together with the similar colour values, ensures a harmonious connection between the two and prevents the wallpapers from competing with each other in the room.

Example: Assam Blossom wallpaper and Chettinad wallpaper


But even with expressive pattern wallpapers, contrasts can have a harmonious effect. The checked pattern of the Chennai wallpaper by Designers Guild and the almost psychedelic floral pattern of the Tarbana wallpaper, for example, create an extremely expressive but harmonious combination through similar colour schemes.

Example: Chennai wallpaper and Tarbana wallpaper


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