Minnie Kemp meets Mindthegap

For the new collection, the young wallpaper label Mindthegap has collaborated with British designer and interior architect Minnie Kemp. The patterns are inspired by the landscape of Transylvania, the home of Mindthegap, and English eccentricity. They combine gorgeous colours and eclectic motifs.

The collection comprises nine designs in 30 colourways, including three new designs by Minnie Kemp and numerous new colourways of iconic wallpaper motifs from Mindthegap.

Minnie Kemp is part of the Kit Kemp Design Studio and creative director of the exclusive Firmdale Hotels in New York and London. Together with her mother, Kit Kemp, and her sister, Minnie Kemp has dedicated herself to colourful, eclectic room concepts. 

The Kit Kemp Design Studio has already collaborated very successfully with the English wallpaper label Andrew Martin in the past.  The resulting collection is one of the most popular in our shop.

Stefan Ormenisan, founder and creative director of Mindthegap, was also delighted with the collaboration with Minnie Kemp: "This is the first time in our young history that Mindthegap has worked with external creatives. It was a special experience for us to revisit existing designs through the eyes of Minnie Kemp. Her flair for pattern, print look and colour has led to surprising new versions of our wallpapers."

The collection is versatile. Bold colours and restrained patterns invite you to create harmonious combinations.

Explore the Minnie Kemp X Mindthegap Collection


Wallpaper Palette by Mindthegap

The pattern is inspired by a colour book by the Dutchman A. Boogert from 1692 and the design is Minnie Kemp's reworked version of the well-known Mindthegap wallpaper Traite Des Couleurs. Each colour was painted by hand and placed on a 156 cm wide panel.


Palette Wallpaper by Mindthegap


Wallpaper Read the Room

Minnie Kemp was inspired by the colours of Transylvania for this new wallpaper design. The soft cream and pink of the village houses harmonise here with rich earthy tones.


Read the Room Wallpaper by Mindthegap


Wallpaper Enchanted Woodland

The pattern, inspired by the Transylvanian landscape and its animals, quickly became one of the wallpaper label's best-known designs. It was coloured by Minnie Kemp in five new colours.tapete_the_enchanted_woodland_WP20814_760.JPG

Enchanted Woodland Wallpaper by Mindthegap


Enchanted Woodland Wallpaper by Mindthegap


Ikat Wallpaper

Minnie Kemp has also developed new colour variations for this wallpaper inspired by Asian block printing. Ikat_Carnival_Mindthegap

Ikat wallpaper by Mindthegap


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Picture Source: Mindthegap