Winter Wallpaper

Wallpapers with winter patterns and snow designs are not only perfect for the festive season, but also bring a timeless elegance to a room. Wallpapers with alpine panoramas, snow-covered forests and nostalgic winter sports themes add a touch of emotion and the perfect dose of alpine chic.

Mountain panoramas: Alpine peaks for your living room

Wallpapers with mountain panoramas bring a majestic aura to the room and expand it visually. Snow-capped peaks transform the most important room in a home into a luxurious Alpine residence. The natural elegance of mountain, rock and snow can be combined with many furnishing styles and turn the living room into a mountain idyll.


Les Cimes Wallpaper by Isidore Leroy


Wallpaper with nostalgic winter sports scenes

Nostalgic motifs bring the great alpine winter sports tradition into the room. With skiers and ice skaters, these wallpapers are the key to inspiring rooms with a pinch of retro flair. Perfect for anyone who longs for Alpine nostalgia from the early 19th century and the 1950s.


Ischgl  wallpaper by  Mindthegap


Vintage Skiing wallpaper by Mindthegap


Kaprun wallpaper by Mindthegap


Nature and snow-covered forests: Cosiness for bedrooms and children's rooms

Wallpapers with snowy forest designs are the perfect choice for creating a feeling of cosiness in bedrooms and children's rooms. The sight of snow-covered trees or drifting snow clouds creates a sense of calm and sparks the imagination. Animals add dynamism to the room when required.


Nunavut wallpaper by Isidore Leroy: The wallpaper is available with and without animals


Winter Snowdrift wallpaper by Sian Zeng

As you can see from these examples, wallpapers with winter motifs are a unique way to integrate tasteful Alpine chic into your home and create your own winter wonderland. Whether in the living room, bedroom, home office or hallway - these wallpapers not only create a spectacular look, but also create an emotional connection to nature and - if desired - to times gone by. As they are generally restrained in their colour scheme, they can be combined in a variety of ways. 

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