Design Stunning Bathrooms with Wallpaper

The impressive versatility of wallpaper and wall murals is perfect for designing bathrooms. By choosing the right design, walls become an indispensable design element of a coherent interior design concept.

Much more than with tiles, wallpaper and wall murals can create moods that provide a moment of mindfulness already in the morning and allow the day to end in a relaxed way in the evening.

How much of the wall surface should be tiled and how much of it should ideally be wallpapered depends on the room situation, its height and the wallpaper pattern used. To ensure that statement wallpapers, such as those with eye-catching floral designs, can develop their full effect, our design team recommends giving them rather too much wall space than too little when planning. Enough space is usually available in bathrooms. Because regardless of whether vinyl wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper or paper wallpaper is used: apart from the interior walls of the shower and walls that are extremely exposed to spray water, wallpaper can be used everywhere in the bathroom. In addition, to gain space, old tiles can be wallpapered over if the surface is levelled out beforehand.

Floral Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Floral wallpaper in the bathroom makes for stylish interior concepts. House of Hackney goes for expressive cottage core chic with the Flora Fantasia wallpaper in the shade Cerulean. The large Scandinavian floral design of the Aureli wallpaper brings the beauty of a Swedish summer to the room. Both wallpapers are among our most popular bathroom wallpapers.

House of Hackney Wallpaper Flora Fantasia Cerulean

Flora Fantasia Wallpaper by House of Hackney

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Sandberg Aurelie 434-58 Wallpaper

Aurelie Wallpaper by Sandberg

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Maritime Designs

Since bathrooms are all about water, interior designers traditionally like to use wallpaper with maritime themes in this room. The Acquario wallpaper by Cole & Son, for example, transforms the time spent in the bathroom into a dive into the deep sea featuring mysterious fish. One day at the Beach by Coordonné brings the positive energy of holiday recollections in Mediterranean colours to everyday life. The Della wallpaper by Sandberg brings cheerful sea animals in subtle ocean green to your wall.

Cole and Son Wallpaper Acquario Viridian

Acquario Wallpaper by Cole & Son - Viridian

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Coordonné One Day at the Beach 8000040 Wallpaper

One Day at the Beach Wallpaper by Coordonné

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Animal Wallpaper by Sandberg Della 243-38

Della Wallpaper by Sandberg

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Geometric Wallpapers Organise the Room

The effect of geometric wallpaper can also be used in the bathroom: The Osterbro striped wallpaper by Sandberg provides clarity in the room with its striking stripe and line pattern. The subtle marble effect of the black and white wallpaper creates a refined Art Deco opulence. The wallpaper is particularly effective in bathrooms with a more restrained design.

With its Swedish version of a geometric diamond pattern, the Ewa wallpaper from Sandberg brings order to the room. At the same time, its fine floral tendrils bring the playfulness of Scandinavian country house style to the bathroom, toilet or your guest WC.

Sandberg Wallpaper Osterbro 633-08

Osterbro Wallpaper by Sandberg

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Sandberg Ewa Wallpaper 806-56

Ewa Wallpaper by Sandberg

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Iconic Designs for Bathrooms

African-style bathroom designs can be created with expressive wallpapers like Kalahari by Cole & Son. The pattern inspired by turtle shells goes perfectly with wooden washbasins and wooden mirrors in the bathroom.

The Pride ostrich wallpaper by House fo Hackney brings together exotic animal worlds and Art Deco luxury. It is part of the Art Deco Menagerie wallpaper series, designed by the British design label to accentuate smaller rooms in your house or flat.

Cole and Son Wallpaper Kalahari 119-6028

Wallpaper Kalahari by Cole & Son

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House of Hackney Waallpaper Pride Charcoal Off Black Pride Wallpaper by House of Hackney

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