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We have been running our webshop MEINEWAND.com since 2005. With its more than 20,000 products, we aim to offer comprehensive solutions for designed walls. We put great emphasis on quality, sustainability, aesthetics and well-being. The MEINEWAND team has been advising design-savvy customers and interior designer on colour concepts and wallpaper design solutions for many years. That's why we keep a close eye on the latest trends in wall design around the world. Whether Scandinavian minimalist or opulent British: our collected knowledge about designing rooms with wallpapers, large-format murals, colours and special plasters finds its way into this blog.

Interview with Farrow & Ball's VIP Colour Consultant Patrick O’Donnell

“If you don`t like green, you don`t like green”

meinewand.com founder Sebastian Stahl and meinewand.com colour consultant Kai Bergen had the chance to talk to Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador and VIP colour consultant of Farrow & Ball, about his approach for perfect colour-based interior designs and the new, reformulated Dead Flat finish by Farrow & Ball.

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Detail of wallpaper Underwater Jungle by Jospephine Munsey featuring fish

The Magic Worlds of Josephine Munsey

Recently we added wallpaper by Josephine Munsey to our shop. We consider Josephine to be one of the most talented young British wallpaper and fabric designers. Her work combines masterful designer craftsmanship with refreshing themes. Josephine Munsey's wallpapers are eye-catching, but thanks to her skilful colour combinations they never push themselves into the foreground and can therefore be used for many different interiors designs.

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