Farrow & Ball and Christopher John Rogers cooperate for Carte Blanche

The expressive Carte Blanche paint and wallpaper collection is a collaboration between the traditional English paint brand Farrow & Ball and the celebrated young fashion designer Christopher John Rogers. It features versatile shades and wallpapers.

Rogers is one of America's style-defining designers. Vice President Kamala Harris wore a Rogers jacket at her inauguration. In 2020, Rogers' designs were part of an exhibition at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The collaboration was a logical step for Farrow & Ball. For Rogers, like few other current fashion designers, relies on clear, bold colours in his fashion designs. This is reflected in the new eight statement shades of Carte Blanche and four neutral shades that complement the Farrow & Ball paint colour palette. Another result of the collaboration are three new colour-intensive wallpaper patterns printed with the 12 new shades.

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Born in Louisiana in 1994, Rogers drew inspiration for the shades from memories of his favourite foods and the plants and animals of his childhood. Carte Blanche includes vibrant blues and greens as well as a cheerful pink or textural neutrals. Together, they create an exuberant yet versatile colour palette.

Also part of Cate Blanche, the three new wallpaper patterns feature cleverly designed elements. The traditional printing process in Farrow & Ball's own wallpaper factory gives them a unique texture and enticing depth.


Wallpaper Dot

Charlotte Cosby, the creative director of Farrow & Ball, who worked closely with Rogers for Carte Blanche, was fascinated by his use of colour: "He has an almost delicate approach that ends up being sometimes a controlled explosion of colour and pattern and sometimes a skilfully placed, unusual accent." Cosby was also impressed by his creative use of lines, which he was able to apply to the wallpapers.


Wallpaper Stripe

Christopher John Rogers is also delighted with the partnership with Farrow & Ball: "Colours and the feelings they evoke in me are always the starting point of my work. When Farrow & Ball, whose products have always stood for uncompromising quality for me, approached me, it was immediately clear that we would become an ideal team."


Christopher John Rogers at the Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Factory

Carte Blanche combines tradition and modernity, creating a timeless look in the room.


Wallpaper Check

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The shades of the Carte Blanche collection

Hog Plum


The earthy yellow hue is reminiscent of the sweet and sour fruit of the so-called pig plum, which is native to Central America and the southern USA.

Roasted Macadamia


A warm neutral



The shade is inspired by shallots, which are often used in New Orleans cuisine.



The rich, bright red is reminiscent of the spicy Spanish sauce of the same name.



A rich, warm brown, reminiscent of the colour of cinnamon.

Raw Tomatillo


The inspiration for this cheerful shade of green was roasted green tomatoes, the kind Roger's grandma liked to cook.



The bright, vibrant blue shade is inspired by a type of lobster typical of Louisiana.



The silver blue is named after a savoury snack, a favourite of Roger's grandpa.

Au Lait


The soft white is reminiscent of chicory coffee, which is often served with hot milk in New Orleans.



The rich black is inspired by liquorice.

Blue Maize


The dark blue is inspired by a type of corn that grows in Mexico and the southern states of the US.

Pea Flower Tea



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