Matching colours, wallpapers and fabrics

The new colour collection of the traditional English manufacturer Farrow & Ball is a cooperation with the world-famous luxury brand Liberty. Matching the brand's fine home textiles, 15 shades from the Farrow & Ball archive have been brought to life for the specially launched Liberty collection.

Discreet colour statement

The discreet white and grey contained in all shades of the Liberty collection create a slightly powdery effect. The Liberty collection therefore exercises restraint, but at the same time brings striking colour into the room. All colour shades are available in different versions, either as high-performance wall paints or as robust lacquers and with different degrees of gloss.

Kostenlose Farbkarten von Farrow & Ball


Liberty SP - Fruit Fool No.9911 (cutout)(1x1)1140



Liberty SP - Pantalon No.221 (cutout)(1x1)_1140


How do I find a wall colour to match the fabric of the sofa or curtains?

Finding a colour for the wall to match the fabric of the sofa or curtains is not so easy. For the Liberty collection, the design teams of Farrow & Ball and Liberty deliberately did not orientate themselves on the respective basic colour of the fabric samples: "The trick is to find a secondary colour, i.e. a colour that is included in the fabric sample in addition to the basic colour. This enhances the effect of both design elements in the room," says Charlotte Cosby, creative director at Farrow & Ball.


Liberty SP - Suffield Green No.77 (cutout)(1x1)1402

Which wall colour matches my wallpaper?

It also makes sense to use a secondary colour when choosing a colour for the non-papered walls to complement walls with wallpaper. The MEINEWAND design team has already selected matching colours for many of the wallpapers available from us. They often pick up on the secondary colour of the wallpaper pattern, but may also deliberately deviate from the basic or secondary colour of the wallpaper.


Liberty SP - Chine Green No.35 (cutout)(1x1)1140With the concept of offering wallpapers and matching colours from a single source, we want to help our customers to easily implement harmonious design concepts. This is also the case, for example, with one of our wallpaper classics, the Savuti wallpaper by Cole & Son. Directly below the product, you will find the colours that can be combined with the wallpaper for all colour variants.

Kostenlose Farbkarten von Farrow & Ball


Bildquelle: Farrow & Ball